Cities, ecology and community are the keywords in the DNA of Homers, which guide our team made up of architects, engineers, community builders and social real estate experts.

Homers is an innovative social enterprise, a spin-off of the Polytechnic of Turin, that will guide you through the realization of the house you have always wanted and never found on the market.

Homers was born in 2014 in Turin from the merger of the design company TRA and Fondazione Benvenuti in Italia, after a first experience together in 2012 for the co-design of the Buena Vista solidarity cohousing community.

In 2019, together with Brainscapital, it founded Homes4All, the social housing that promotes urban regeneration through the intervention of networked private citizens.

the team



Matteo Robiglio

Amministratore Delegato


Marco Tabbia

Direttore Tecnico

Technical Director

Isabelle Toussaint

Open Design School 2018 / photo Pierangelo Laterza

Community Builder

Silvia Cafora



Mauro Beano



Elisa Montervino

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