CO - contemporary living
in the historical center
In Chieri, we are promoting a cohousing based on the direct involvement
of the future residents. In Via Principe Amedeo, in the heart of the ancient
town center, the community of cohousers will design the transformation
of a partially erected building, integrating residences, common services
and spaces open to the citizenry.

CO – contemporary living in the historical center

via Principe Amedeo, 4 – 10023 Chieri

21 new residential units and shared spaces to design together within a building restoration project in the middle of the ancient town center in Chieri.

In the heart of the town

8 minutes on foot from the railway station

30 minutes by car from Turin

The potential of a pending construction site

The construction site in via Principe Amedeo, after coming to a standstill has now the chance to take off thanks to a urban requalification project born from the collaboration between Homers and the municipality of Chieri.

Behind the scaffolding, the reinforced concrete building frame, already built as of today, characterizes the shape of the building. The structure is composed of five floors above ground, wide terraces facing the inner court, and a timber roofing with exposed beams. The optimal east-west orientation gives greater value to the building as it allows to take the best advantage of the natural light during the whole day.

The ground floor, in direct contact with the surrounding context, meets the requirements to accommodate the functions addressed to the public.

A cohousing for via Principe Amedeo

CO will accommodate 21 residential units with different surface areas, custom-designed for the future residents. We will decide the shape and dimension of the common spaces together, based upon your wishes – for example there could be a gym, a shared kitchen or a wellness area.

Inside the cohousing there will also be common open-air spaces, basements and property parking spaces.

The apartments and the common areas will be equipped with energy saving systems in order to reduce the management costs and to improve the comfort of the house.

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