via Buscalioni, 10 – 10153 Turin

Six flats with a common courtyard, inside an industrial building to be redesigned together.

5 minutes by foot
from the new Einaudi university campus on the Lungo Dora.

15 minutes by foot
from the lively, historic marketplace of Porta Palazzo.

15 minutes by foot
from Piazza Castello.

The potentialities of an industrial space

Buscalioni is a former marble manufacturing laboratory, overlooking the green spaces of the ancient excise belt of Turin. Behind the facade characterised by the window decorations, the early 20th century structure includes a wide and flexible space. The hall that featured the processing alternates raw concrete, the red of the old bricks and the light from the industrial windows. From here you can perceive, supported by the cotto pillars, the roofing, from which the view to the surrounding green does not encounter obstacles.

Beyond the main gate, there is a courtyard at the centre of which a great tree gives shelter from the southern sun. All around, green and low buildings complete the landscape of a neighbourhood that is becoming the centre of creative activities and innovative experiences.

An innovative and shared building

Buscalioni is a life space where common spaces, efficient technologies and moderate costs are shared.

Six flats with different surface areas are organised around a common garden where pergolas allow to use the courtyard in every season.

The industrial character of the building lives on in the new materials: steel, bricks, timber and plasters make the jacket efficient in terms of costs and energy.

“This cohousing experience is the attempt to redefine the concept of everyday well-being”

SIMONE – HOMERS / Buscalioni


“I like the idea of not living in a place that is very private and does not open to the outside, but that actually has common spaces where common things are done.”

FLORA – HOMERS / Buscalioni

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