Ongoing projects

Living the factory

via Buscalioni, 10 – 10153 Torino. Six flats with internal shared spaces and a common courtyard, inside an industrial building to be redesigned together.

Living in the farmstead

Strada Madonna della Scala, Chieri. 3,000 sq.mts. to design together new residences, shared spaces and large green areas inside a historical farmstead.

CO live contemporary in the historical center

via Principe Amedeo, 4 – 10023 Chieri. 21 new residential units and shared spaces to design together within a building restoration in the middle of the ancient town centre in Chieri.

Interventions completed

Buena Vista

via Giordano Bruno, 191/195 – Torino. The first social cohousing initiative in Turin.

Masterplan Cavallerizza

via Giuseppe Verdi, 9 – Torino. Redaction of the Masterplan for Cavallerizza Reale

House of religions

Study: a house for religions