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    Un vecchio hotel a Shangai nel distretto artistico West Bund Culture Corridor trasformato in cohousing:


    We have transformed an old hotel in Shanghai’s West Bund into a new co-living concept for sharing space and building community in a detached big city.

    The 66 strong community housing provides homes in various sizes to people who are looking for a stable living environment and a cooperative living model.

    A botanical theme in the design language echoes the nearby botanical garden, a green space in the city that is also shared amongst its many urban inhabitants.

    Tiled facade features botanical patterns and theme also carried throughout the interior of the building in the colors, upholstery, carpets and cushions.

    Each room provides the tenant with a private sanctuary with all their essentials, including an ensuite bathroom, a desk for studying and a compact kitchenette for simple food preparation.

    Petite French-style balconies provide access to the outdoor. Furniture is moveable so that the inhabitant can configure the space in a way that suits them.

    Dutch doors create a partial boundary between the private and public domain, presenting opportunities for welcome interruption from solitary time.

    Outside of the private rooms, shared functional areas on every floor are designed to promote community-building. These include kitchens, a library, living room, lounges, TV room and outdoor terraces.

    Shared kitchens allow for communal cooking and large dining tables play host to group meals and provide space for entertaining.

    Living rooms are situated around the central staircases to create a natural point of entry as residents pass through inviting little hubs on their way home.

    Lounges create opportunities to connect and relax while larger spaces can be used for events and festivities. At the base of the building are a number of shops, restaurants and a full gym.

    As the building rises, its new black facade forms a backdrop to the trees out front. The added French-style balconies give the residents access to nature and view of the tree-lined street from their rooms.

    The open ground floor, the colorful tiles and the botanic pattern and details livens up the building. Cohost is a living community that will flourish over time, like a garden.

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