Living the factory: new cohousers wanted

We are looking for buyers of flats in cohousing projects in Turin, in via Buscalioni 10 – zone: Regio Parco/Borgo Rossini.

We are a group of people who decided to give life to the shared planning of a cohousing, reclaiming a brick industrial building from the early ‘900s.

Our idea is that everybody should have a private space, to be designed and lived according to one’s own needs, and commons spaes to share, open to the territory: a garden with a pergola, a kitchen and a wood oven, a DYI laboratory, a wellness area with a sauna, and a guest house.

We are designing a building that responds to a different lifestyle, restructured according to the most advanced energy efficiency standards.

Still available a 52 commercial square meters one-room apartment, entirely customisable, at EUR 145,000.
Still available a 56 commercial square meters two-room apartment, entirely customisable, at EUR 160,000.
Still available a 80 commercial square meters three-room apartment, entirely customisable, at EUR 225,000.
Still available a 132 commercial square meters four-room apartment, entirely customisable, at EUR 385,000.

Tax deduction possibile for restructuring and energy performance upgrades up to 65%

Commercial sheets:







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